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Summer school of the Moscow Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts
Information on the Lyceum
The Moscow Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts (MAHL RAKH) is a unique educational institution where gifted children study in the field of art. Training in Lyceum is conducted in the best traditions of the Russian realistic art school in four profile directions: architecture, graphics, painting, sculpture. Lyceum education has become the key to the success of many well-known contemporary artists of world renown,such as Ilya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Gennady Spirin, Oleg Tselkov. Many have become teachers mgahi them. Surikova-Mikhail Avvakumov, Nikolai Voronkov, Alexander Komrakov, Ivan Lubennikov and others. In addition to training Lyceum carries out cultural and educational activities - conducts lectures, exhibitions, seminars, implements its own programs of additional education.
Works Lyceum students 10-13 years
The Lyceum is the author of a unique method of teaching children visual disciplines

Summer school of the Moscow Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts

is a unique opportunity for all drawing of children age 10-14 years to significantly increase their level of proficiency in visual techniques. Within two weeks, the children will be fully immersed in the creative process under the guidance of artists-teachers of the Lyceum. They are waiting not only for intensive communication, views, new acquaintances, discoveries, but also serious work to improve their skills. In addition to traditional classes in drawing, painting, composition, the program includes classes in sculpture, which gives children a significant enrich their experience in the field of plastic arts.

On whom the program is designed

The program provides for the division of participants into two groups:
  • A group of in-depth study, which accepts children who are systematically engaged in fine arts in Children's art schools, various studios and individual training programs
  • A group of the initial stage of study, where children are accepted only beginning to engage in fine arts or having an interest and desire to try.
Age of children: 10-14 years
Tasks in the program correspond to the level of each group.
The venue of "Summer school»
Moscow, classrooms of the Moscow academic art Lyceum Russian Academy of Arts,
street the Crimean Shaft, d. 8, korp. 2.

The Lyceum is located in the heart of Moscow's artistic life. From it, within walking distance, there are two most important museums of fine arts — the Pushkin Museum of fine arts and the state Tretyakov gallery.
Visits to these museums are included in the Summer school programme.

Class schedule

1 week
Classroom lessons
Classroom classes are held in the Lyceum workshops
Exits to the open air after Breakfast

Plein air locations

Kolomenskoye Museum-reserve
Kolomenskoye-the residence of the Grand Dukes of Moscow and Russian tsars known since the XIV century. Its unique architectural ensemble is of great artistic and historical value.
The territory of the Museum is a valuable national landscape that has preserved the ancient natural relief with a unique flora. A significant part of the territory is occupied by extensive parks, picturesque ravines, high hills, the water surface of the Moscow river. It is a one-of-a-kind nature reserve with historical, architectural, archaeological and natural sites, located almost in the center of Moscow.
The Lyceum provides
5-time high-grade nutrition

The time and cost

The administrator of the program "Summer school of the Moscow academic art Lyceum of ARTS" — Yanborisova Elmira
from 10:00 to 20:30
Mail: leto@art-lyceum.ru

Department of additional art education
+7 499 230 33 78 from 12:00 to 21:00 on weekdays
119049, Moscow, Krymsky Val str., 8, korp. 2

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